Here’s How We Work With You

When it comes to gaining greater control of your data analysis and data analytics, you need the process to be easy. Here’s how a customised enterprise data platform can turn your data into actionable insights.

Wrangle Your Data

Data is your most valuable asset, and your business’ unstructured data load is constantly expanding.

So we put processes in place to identify, gather, and store all your disparate business data in one central location.

Contextualise Your Data

After we trawl your data lakes and merge your unstructured data sets into one comprehensive resource.

Making sure that it actually makes sense to those that need to understand it.

Make Your Data Work for You

We deploy your customised cloud data platform to present your contextualised data in ways that make sense to your different users.

From reports, visualisations, or answers on demand, your data is available when you need it.

Why a Data Platform?

By itself, your data isn’t inherently useful. It’s the collection, contextualisation, and analysis of your data that delivers results. With a customised cloud Data Platform Lime Theory can help you become truely data-driven.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Stop wasting hours searching for data and translating it into insight…

Improve Security

One centralised Data Platform improves your business’ data protection…

Optimise Data Visibility

The right Data Platform solution enables you to access one cohesive view of…

Improve Delivery

A comprehensive Data Platform enables your business to utilise the right tools…

Reduce Your Spend

Lacklustre business intelligence and poor decisions are costing your business money…

Boost Team Capacity

At Lime Theory, we don’t just deliver modern Data Platform solutions…

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Understanding Your Modern Data Platform

The right data platform solution empowers your business to work with any available data set, regardless of volume, format, or where it’s stored. It’s all about making your data available to you in a meaningful way. Here’s how we do it.

Source, Sanitise & Streamline Data

Lay the groundwork for a comprehensive data strategy

A robust data platform puts structure around your business’ most valuable asset. To achieve this, we go directly to the source—your data stores—to identify where your business’ data is stored.

But just finding it isn’t enough. We help you clean it in situ, and turn it into ordered, understandable information.

Instead of a jumble of meaningless information, you now have a useful, practical dataset that delivers better data management, and informs those important business decisions.

Do More With Your Data

Simplicity and power combined

Power BI elevates the standard of business intelligence beyond a simple break/fix solution, and is designed for ultimate usability.

Intuitive and user-friendly, it integrates seamlessly with your existing dashboards and data warehouse, so you can start analysing your data immediately. Thorough data modeling lets you slice it and dice it any way you need, and dive into detail that up until now hasn’t been possible.

Power BI keeps you on pace as technology evolves too, integrating with digital assistants to allow voice search and recognition, built on machine learning, to deliver even faster data access.

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